Welcome to your child’s extended classroom!  We provide your children with a first-class early development extension of their education.  We focus on implementing manners, self-esteem and confidence from the very beginning to help increase the success of our future - Our Children.

Put your child’s future first!  We encourage you to explore our site and see what we have to offer in terms of curriculum for your kids.

Increasingly parents, teachers, employers, and people in general are realizing that it pays to be polite. Teaching people of all ages manners benefits all of us. 
Welcome to In Good Company - The Civility Experts!
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Whether it is showing a front-line employee how to answer the phone politely, explaining to children why they should address teachers respectfully, or reminding executives of the expectations when they are interacting with clients from around the world, understanding the rules - knowing what is expected BOOSTS CONFIDENCE, BUILDS RESPECT, and FOSTERS EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION in all of us.  Email us with questions or comments about any of our products & services Inquiries@CivilityExperts.com.